waxwing 2024-05-02

Those two are commentaries on what is already in https://hodlboard.orgs/proofs and https://hodlboard.org/keysets

waxwing 2024-05-02

The correct call would therefore be something like (assuming you cloned from github and are in the root of the aut-ct source code directory; you can download the binary also):

target/release/autct -M prove -k hodlboardmainnet:/where/you/downloaded/it/autct-841692-500000-0-2-1024-mainnet.aks -i privkey -b 1024 –base64-proof true

Here “privkey” is where you put the WIF for the private key for the taproot utxo. And notice the “context” is called “hodlboardmainnet”

The output will be a page or so of base64 text, copy paste it into the signup.

waxwing 2024-05-02

First post.

Currently only mainnet is working. So you need to make a proof using a taproot utxo’s private key, before block 841692, of size greater than 500k sats.